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Since the invention of the horseless carriage, garages have occupied an important niche in the saga of American ingenuity and American business.  People who had an idea of building a better product have nurtured their great expectations in the family garage – sometimes with dramatic results.

Such is the case with Cam-Tech Industries, founded in 1982 in the family garage by co-founders Tom Collier and Richard Vice.  With Tom’s knowledge of the business  market and sales along with Richard’s expertise in machining, the duo decided to embark on a partnership to manufacture commercial and military socket set screws.  This partnership would prove to be an instant success.

Adopting the slogan “The Company That Quality Built”, Cam-Tech views this as not just a slogan but as a mantra.  It’s their commitment to excellence in both product quality and customer service that has propelled Cam-Tech to an industry leader.

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